Partnering against cyber and fraud attempts

At AIG Retirement Services, we are committed to staying ahead of possible threats and fraud practices to help protect plan sponsors and their employees. We have adopted a risk-centric approach to information security. In simple terms, we focus on (i) protecting your information and (ii) ensuring the availability and security of your data.

Security Program Overview


An overview of our approach, resources and responsibility to our clients.


Share with your employees:
Tips and features to help protect against cyber and fraud attempts

Read our article about safe practices and key features employees can use to better protect their accounts.

Common COVID-19 scams

These common scams have unfortunately become prevalent during these uncertain times. Find out how they work so you can help protect yourself.

Account protection responsibility

Protection is a partnership, and we believe participants have a role to play. Learn more about our shared responsibility and AIG's commitment to participant accounts.

Security Center

Visit the Security Center on our website for important guidance on how to protect personal information, as well as security safeguards in place at AIG.

Cybersecurity video

Share this video with your employees to help them learn more about cybersecurity awareness and actions they can take to protect their accounts.

e-Delivery Flyer

Share this flyer with your employees to help them utilize our e-Delivery safety feature to receive retirement statements and other sensitive information.

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